El Gordo de La Primitiva vs. La Primitiva: What's the Difference?

We all heard about El Gordo de La Primitiva. A lot of people play it because it’s really fun and at the same time it does deliver a great sense of value and quality that you want to check out. El Gordo de La Primitiva is one of the most impressive lotteries in Europe, but it’s basically just a special game that takes place around Christmas. It’s the La Primitiva that takes place the entire year, and that’s where you can find the entire difference.

One thing to keep in mind about La Primitiva is that it’s a very simple game, with similar rules when compared to other lotteries out there. You have the reintegro and jokers you can add in here and you can play the numbers you want as you see fit. There are 6 numbers, and you can add up to 5 more in the first row if you so desire.

This does help increase the overall amount of numbers and it also makes the entire process simpler and more convenient because of it! The great thing about this game in particular is that it’s created with a true focus on quality. It’s very distinct, fun to play and it’s also designed to make the entire experience more rewarding and interesting. But La Primitiva doesn’t really have massive prizes. Sure, it does have a million Euros or a bit more at times, but it definitely doesn’t reach the amazing potential that El Gordo de La Primitiva has.

And while they may be one and the same originally, El Gordo de La Primitiva is the Christmas and New Year special, one that does bring in front a stellar set of prizes. It really is unlike anything you have ever seen and you are bound to appreciate and enjoy all of this in the end. It’s always important to take your time with something like this, if you don’t then the results will not be as good as you expect.

El Gordo de La Primitiva is more competitive when compared to the regular La Primitiva, which means that winning can be a whole lot harder. It’s certainly not impossible, but it really is way harder to win here when compared to other lotteries out there. But still, El Gordo de La Primitiva is the best option if you want to win some really good prizes in the end. That’s up to you, but the results can be more than ok because of it.

You will notice that El Gordo de La Primitiva has millions of players, whereas La Primitiva can have less than that at times. But still, La Primitiva is a reputable and respected lottery and El Gordo de La Primitiva is their way of wishing Happy New Year. It’s a really good lottery experience and one of the best things that could ever happen for a lottery player. You should definitely check it out, as it’s a very good lottery game!

The Famous El Gordo de La Primitiva Spanish Lottery Game!

If you want to play the lottery in Spain, then you certainly need to check El Gordo de La Primitiva. This is the most popular lottery in Spain and it does have millions of players all the time. But what should you know about this wonderful lottery system? Read onward to find out!

How to Play El Gordo de La Primitiva?

One of the ways to play El Gordo de La Primitiva is to go to Spain and purchase your ticket there. Alternatively, you can also use a website that allows you to purchase a ticket online without going to Spain. It’s crucial to opt for a legit website, just to make sure that you stay on the safe side of things.

El Gordo de La Primitiva
El Gordo de La Primitiva Ticket Scan

Buy El Gordo de La Primitiva Tickets Online

This is actually the recommended way to play El Gordo de La Primitiva. The reason is simple, you can purchase as many tickets as you want, there are no restrictions and the value can be second to none all the time. It’s a nice approach and one that gives you a wonderful experience in the end.

El Gordo de La Primitiva Rules and Draw Days

The draw days are Thursday and Sunday, pretty much like most of the lotteries in the world. It’s a very important thing to note here, as it can influence the way you play. As for the rules, you have the regular 6/49 as well as the best out of 5 and so on.

Divisions / Match / Winning Odds

1 Prize / 6 / 1 in 13,983,816
2 Prize / 5 + 1 Bonus / 1 in 2,330,636
3 Prize / 5 regular  / 1 in 54,201
4 Prize / 4 regular  / 1 in 1,032
5 Prize / 3 regular / 1 in 57

El Gordo de La Primitiva Prizes

The prizes can differ, but usually you can end up in the hundreds of millions Euros side of the prize points. It’s nice to see that there are so many options to be had in here, and El Gordo de La Primitiva is indeed known to have some of the best prizes for lotteries in the entire country!

El Gordo de La Primitiva History

People from many countries managed to win. When it comes to the amount you can win, it differs quite a bit. But there were people that won 10 million Euros, Others managed to earn 50 Million, so there are tons of great features and prizes to be had here.

How to Claim Winnings Online?

You just go to the site, ask them to send you a copy of your ticket and you go and get your winnings. You can alternatively play on the official site and then you just have to show a copy of your purchased ticket!

How to Win the Jackpot?

There is no sure way of winning the jackpot. But as long as you work hard and try to find some creative ways to win, you will most likely end up getting the big prize for sure. Commitment is key here, so focus on quality more than anything else. It will be very well worth it in the end.

Reintegro & Bonus Number Explanation

This is a great feature that allows you to reintegrate yourself in the prize pool if your numbers were not successful. You also have bonus numbers that give you a really good value and quality in no time.

Biggest Record Jackpot

The highest jackpot was 2.4 billion Euros, which is a ton of money. It’s easy to see why a lot of people want to play here, because the winnings can be amazing!